Decal 50mg

Decal 50mg

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Order Disal (Furosemide) 50 mg to get rid of swollen limbs

Medical conditions such as kidney disease, liver disease, or heart failure may result in excess fluid build-up in the body’s tissue. It can cause swelling or puffiness directly under the skin, especially in the limbs. If left untreated, edema causes several complications such as decreased blood circulation, stiffness, itchy skin, or scarring. Severe cases can be treated with loop diuretic medications such as Disal (Furosemide), 50 mg for sale. It works to increase the excretion of excess sodium and water by inhibiting their reabsorption. The diuretic effects begin within an hour and may last up to 8 hours. Intravenous administration is recommended in cases of acute pulmonary edema when a rapid onset is required. It can also treat mild to moderate hypertension through its therapeutic action.

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